Painting in my art studio

I paint because I’m inspired by stories.

I look for the story behind what’s obviously visible. Instead of painting just a sunset over a river and calling it a landscape painting, I want to paint the calm that washes over you when you linger long enough to watch the sun recede. And instead of painting a dancing figure, I want to paint the joy and release you feel when you intentionally choose to celebrate life.

While I knew that a good story was a compelling enough reason for me to paint, I didn’t understand how important sharing that story through art was until this interaction:

Early in my painting career, I was exhibiting several paintings at an outdoor artist market, including an oil painting with a golden sky lighting up rain clouds. A woman stopped in front of the painting and stared for a long time. She began to cry and, after a moment of silence, explained that her mother had passed away a few months earlier. She said that something about the lit up sky comforted her as she was grieving this loss. I now know that we aren’t so alone when we share our stories. Stories connect us and make us feel more human.

Art invites you to slow down and view a bigger story. In a fast, mass produced world, this is why the handmade can transform your space.

What my clients have said:

Rebecca has a gift for transforming the everyday into amazing illuminations that cause you to see and appreciate your own world in a whole new light
— Monty and Lorri Barefoot, Art Collectors
Her artistic sense is truly inspired; that much should be clear to anyone who encounters her work. To me, her work evokes such a complex array of feelings and associations that it’s hard to put into words. What truly sets her apart, however, is her passion to explore. She has a (seemingly) effortless ability to apply her own style to almost any subject. This is truly a rare thing! I look forward to working with her again very soon.
— Brad Dorfman, Creative Director
R. Jean’s work on my commissioned painting surpassed all of my expectations. The painting hangs proudly in my living room for all to see upon entering my home.
— Peter Yu, Art Collector


R. Jean is an Atlanta based artist who spent the first fifteen years of her life in Zambia. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Art with a focus in studio painting from Indiana Wesleyan University. Her paintings are commissioned and sold nationally to private and corporate buyers, including former governor Roy Barnes.

 R. Jean has exhibited in juried and invitation only shows across the United States and in Canada, Austria, Germany, and Kenya. In 2012 and 2015, she was selected by Innotrac Corporation as the featured artist to paint the cities of Atlanta and Memphis for a major gift campaign to their clients. Her art has been published by McGraw Hill, Harcourt Brace, Pearson Scott Foresman, and Trillium Publishing.